What Are The Different Types Of Hospice Support

Hospice care is a type of care that provides comfort, support, and dignity to those nearing the end of their lives. When your doctor determines that you or a loved one has six months or less to live and has opted to forego curative therapy, this is the best option. Oasis hospice provide the best support to your loved ones. You can call them at 708-564-4838. When you contact a hospice organization, you are getting expert assistance with your end-of-life journey. What are the different types of hospice support?

Hospice Support

A thorough hospice program provides care for the entire person as well as their family. With the assistance of a team of specialists, including a board-certified physician, nurse practitioner, nurse, social worker, spiritual support counselor, licensed home health aide, and volunteer, hospice focuses on the physical, emotional, and spiritual quality of life. The care is delivered in the comfort of your own home, nursing home, assisted living facility, or inpatient hospice facility.

Hospice, as defined by Medicare, provides four levels of care to address the diverse requirements of patients and their families. Routine home care, continuous home care, general inpatient care, and respite care are the four levels of hospice care.

What Are the Four Hospice Care Levels

Oasis is a Medicare-certified hospice provider, and all Medicare-certified hospice providers are required to offer four levels of hospice care. Anyone qualified for Medicare can access the four levels of hospice care.

Homecare on a regular basis: The most basic level of hospice care is delivered in your home, assisted living facility, or nursing home. This level of care provides comfort at the end of life through a collaborative effort between hospice personnel and your physician. Medical social services, spiritual support, volunteer visits, grief counseling, medication, equipment, and all supplies linked to your loved one’s hospice diagnosis are all included in this hospice level of care.

Home care that is ongoing: If your loved one is enduring a medical crisis and severe symptoms such as unrelieved pain or shortness of breath, the level of hospice care known as continuous home care is when a nurse stays in your house for an extended period of time. During a medical crisis, however, your hospice physician or nurse may determine that general inpatient care is a preferable alternative to meet your loved one’s needs.

Inpatient General Care: Severe pain or other symptoms may necessitate advanced care, which is more efficiently delivered during a brief stay in an inpatient hospice facility. If your loved one’s needs become more severe, the hospice team may propose transferring your loved one to the inpatient level of care at The Oasis Hospice. The goal of inpatient hospice care is to manage severe pain and symptoms so that your loved one can, if possible, return home to their family and familiar surroundings and resume routine hospice care. If you need end of life care homes near me; then contact Oasis Hospice.

In-Home Care: The respite level of hospice care is delivered on an as-needed basis and provides an unpaid family caregiver with a planned, short-term break from the responsibilities of aiding a loved one with advanced disease. It can only be delivered at a Medicare-certified inpatient hospice facility, hospital, or skilled nursing facility that can provide 24-hour nursing care if your loved one’s plan of care requires it. Please discuss the respite level of care with your Oasis hospice nurse.

How to Choose the Right Level of Hospice Care

Your physician/specialist, or a hospice physician or nurse visiting you or your loved one in the home, hospital, or assisted living/nursing home, will determine the appropriate degree of hospice care. The healthcare professional will do an examination to establish the appropriate degree of hospice care for you. Please contact your healthcare provider or a hospice nurse if you have any questions.

Hospice care is provided to all patients, whether they are in their own home, a nursing home, an assisted living community, a residential care center for the elderly, or a hospice house.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has classified hospice care into four categories, or “levels.” One patient may experience all four phases in as little as a week or ten days of hospice care. Another patient may get one level of care over the course of several months of hospice care. Each level of care addresses certain needs, and each hospice patient is distinct. Every Medicare-certified hospice provider is required to provide the following four levels of care:

Home Hospice Care

Oasis assists patients and families who prefer to receive hospice care at home, regardless of where they live. A home hospice care staff visits on a regular basis to provide comfort and dignity. Free diagnostic equipment, materials, and medication are provided. At home, a nurse checks a man’s blood pressure as he sits up in bed.

Hospice Care Ongoing

Hospice providers must provide continuous hospice care when medically necessary. At VITAS, we call it Intensive Comfort Care®: round-the-clock hospice care to manage patients’ acute symptoms and keep them out of the hospital until routine services can resume. A male patient in his bed at home converses with a VITAS nurse.

Hospice Inpatient Care

If symptoms cannot be managed at home, Oasis inpatient hospice care offers 24-hour support until the patient is able to return home. Our comfortable inpatient hospice care facilities combine the support of an acute-care hospital with the comforts of home. A doctor converses with a woman who is laying in bed.

Interim Care

Patients get respite care in a Medicare-certified inpatient hospice environment for a brief period of time so that their primary caregivers can rest. 

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The purpose of hospice care is to help you live in peace, comfort, and dignity until your death. If you live in Chicago and want to find out if your loved one qualifies for hospice care, please contact our nurse care coordinator. Oasis Hospice in Chicago oldest and largest hospice care provider. You can read more about Why is respite care important? Oasis Hospice provide the best emotional support in palliative care. You can call us at 708-564-4838.