Chicagoland Palliative Care Volunteering

Volunteers are available to help support patient/family needs by providing practical support such as visiting, listening or companionship. Normally, volunteers do not provide hands-on care. Hospice is designed to provide holistic care for a patient dealing with a terminal illness. Oasis Hospice focuses on enhancing the quality for our patients and their care givers. Our volunteers play a vital role in our mission. If you are caring, compassionate and desire to help others, becoming a hospice volunteer is the perfect opportunity for you. Our volunteers share their time and talents in order to offer companionship to our patients, while easing the burden that may be felt by their family members during this difficult time.

What are the benefits of becoming a Hospice volunteer?

The contributions of volunteers are essential to the important work provided by our hospice team. Hospice volunteers have a deep sense of personal satisfaction in being there to support our patients and families. They are satisfied because they are making significant contributions to the families and providing a service that they hope others would offer to them if they were in need. Many volunteers feel that helping people through the dying process keeps them focused on prioritizing important aspects of their own lives.