Hospice Care in Hospital Setting

Patients with end-stage illnesses are cared for by Oasis Hospice regardless of their location. The hospice care team and philosophy visit the patient and family, and they stay with them if the patient’s location changes.

Prior to discharge home, hospice team members can assist in the treatment of uncontrolled symptoms, particularly pain. The transition to the home can be made easier if services are started prior to discharge. Hospitalization is generally cut short due to expert care coordination and vigorous symptom control, and all services are offered, including nurses, social workers, chaplains, and a medical director. Both the patient and his or her family receive comfort care and support from the staff.

Hospice care for hospitalized patients is a Medicare and Medicaid benefit that is provided to all Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, whether it is for a short period of time before release or when death is imminent. Patients and families can receive hospice care and expertise no matter where they are.

Why is hospice care provided in hospitals?

  • The hospice team organizes care with the patient, family, physician, and staff.
  • Non-palliative diagnostic testing and invasive procedures are terminated for the patient’s comfort.
  • Additional support is provided for the family.
  • A hospice nurse is present to help the family now of death.
  • If needed, the hospice medical director is accessible for consultation.
  • The family receives 13 months of bereavement support.

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