Hospice Care in Assisted Living Facility

Hospice Care in Assisted Living Facility

When residents of assisted living facilities (ALF) begin their end of life journey, hospice is helpful to both the facility and the residents.

Residents with advanced illnesses or who are reaching the end of their lives that require higher levels of care, either within or outside of the ALF, may find hospice to be an especially beneficial choice.

Palliative care and hospice are tried and true methods of working with people in their homes to provide the kind of support that will help them achieve their goals. We have been a leader in hospice care throughout Chicagoland, assisting families in focusing on living life to the fullest in nursing homes or at home. Hospice services are often provided in a different place than the senior’s home, which is a common misunderstanding.  Despite the fact that there are facilities dedicated only to hospice care, the vast majority of individuals receive hospice care at home. In most states, it is possible to receive hospice care while residing in an assisted living facility; however, the distinction between hospice and assisted living services is that hospice services require nurses, aides, and other care providers to travel to the community in order to meet the needs of the resident.

Hospice care in an assisted living facility (ALF):

  • Maintains the reimbursement/payment stream for non-hospice services provided by the facility.
  • Assisted living facilities (ALFs) can help residents age in place by providing a variety of hospice services, including medical, emotional, and spiritual care, directly to them.
  • Avoids the need for relocation or disruptive, potentially detrimental care transitions near the end of life, reducing emotional and financial demands on the resident and his or her family members.


Things to know about Palliative and Hospice care Services at Patient Nursing Facilities:

  • Your care team will manage your symptoms expertly, ensuring your comfort and safety from beginning to end.
  • As needed, you and your family will receive emotional and spiritual support.
  • As your needs change, your care team will assist you and your family in locating additional resources.
  • It is critical to us that you retain your independence and dignity

All hospice patients at Oasis Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc work with an RN case manager and a team of hospice professionals. Our experienced team members will make visits as necessary and desired from the patient’s end. We care for our clients with a multidisciplinary team that includes social workers, home health aides, chaplains, art therapists, music therapists, volunteers, child/teen specialists, and others.

When you choose palliative care or hospice, you will be introduced to a nurse who will manage your care team and assist you in selecting the types of care and services that you may require. Working with the same team members over time allows you to get to know the people who are looking after you at the care facilities, and they will get to know you and your family.

This continuity of care is extremely effective, and our team members have received professional recognition for the high quality of care and compassion that they provide every day.


Your loved one will receive services from a wide range of expert health care providers in addition to your hospice nurse case manager:

  • Nurses – Your Nurse Case Managers handle all of the details, such as assessing your needs, educating your family, and coordinating all of your care.
  • Home Health Aides — Aides assist with personal care such as bathing and dressing.
  • Social workers provide resources as needed and desired, provide counseling, and refer clients to community agencies as needed.
  • Chaplains — non-denominational chaplains support all spiritual practices, collaborate with your clergy, and help with memorial arrangements.
  • Doctors — both your own and our board-certified palliative and hospice physicians — manage pain and symptoms expertly.
  • Volunteers — Volunteers provide companionship for you and your family, provide respite care, help with pet care, run errands, and much more.
  • Art Therapists — art therapy gives you and your family a creative outlet to express your emotions.
  • Music therapists can help you manage pain and anxiety, connect with loved ones, and express emotions.
  • Other Therapists — Physical therapy, occupational therapy, wound care, and dietitians may be called in if necessary.
  • Bereavement Assistance Specialists — families receive 13 months of support after a death and have access to a variety of resources.
  • Child/Teen Specialist — special hearts and expert hands care for children and teenagers from infancy to adolescence.

Our physician will direct the medical care that you receive, and your own doctors will remain involved in your care. Our physicians, who are experts in pain and symptom management, are available for consultation.

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