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Oasis Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. believes in affirming life. We exist to be a sanctuary and a refuge for our patients and their families thereby improving the quality of life for our patients who are dealing with life-limiting illnesses.


What is Hospice?

The video below will give you a better idea on what hospice actually is, why would you need it, when do you need it, and how to reach us.

About Oasis

Oasis Hospice compassionately serves Cook, Will and DuPage counties in Illinois. Our quality service speaks for itself with testimonials from families we serve. We desire to bring refuge to every patient and family we care for. As a faith-based organization, hospice care is a calling and not just a profession. We offer each patient the best care options that best meets their needs. Our team members are experienced in the health care industry in general and hospice care, in particular.

Our Testimonies

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hospice care

When a client is at first referred to hospice care, typically by their doctor or a caseworker within the health center, they are usually provided a list of hospice companies in their area to pick from. In some cases these referral sources have a particular company that they choose and their suggestions should not be ignored; they remain in the position to see how well a specific firm takes care of their patients. Nevertheless, as with any health care choice, you ought to be as notified as possible in order to know that you are making the finest decision for you and your enjoyed ones. LWA/ Getty Images All hospice agencies work within the guidelines set forth by Medicare.

This may leave you wondering why it would even matter which hospice company you select. There are differences, nevertheless, and they’re typically tucked away in the small details. It is very important to do a little research from the start to discover where those differences lie. Your first interaction with a hospice firm might occur over the phone after they get your recommendation details and call you to set up a visit. It may occur in the medical facility setting when an agent from the company comes to evaluate your loved one and offer info. It might be started by you. No matter how your initial interaction takes location, there are some essential facts to gather from the start.

Extremely couple of hospices have inpatient centers, which implies that many people receive hospice care through an independent agency. So, most likely the most crucial question you can ask a hospice facility is related to the place of their nurses. Simply to clarify, it truly makes no distinction where the firm’s office lies, however it makes a big distinction where the nurses lie. I used to work on-call for a big hospice agency that covered 3 counties, over 200 square miles. On weekends, I covered the whole area with only the assistance of one LVN (certified vocational nurse). As a result, I would in some cases be with a patient in one county and get a call from another client who had a crisis in another county who then needed to wait 2 hours or more till I had the ability to arrive.

Keep in mind that some hospice companies have numerous branch workplaces that could be 50 miles or more apart from each other. Make certain that if the agency your looking at has multiple branch workplaces that they also have a different on-call nurse covering every one and that the on-call nurse covering your location also lives in your location. If you have a crisis in the middle of the night or on the weekend, the last thing you wish to do is wait 2 or more hours for aid.

There may be one hospice organization, or numerous that serve your community. It is important to learn about the services that each hospice offers. If there are several hospices that serve your location, you might desire to demand services from a specific hospice and can communicate that dream to your physician. Are all hospices the same? How do I decide if hospice is the appropriate care choice for me? How do I pick among different hospice programs? If there is just one hospice program in my community, how do I figure out if it is an excellent one? These are common questions for individuals and loved ones facing life-limiting diseases.

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