Compassionate Hospice Care in Chicagoland

Compassionate Hospice Care in Chicagoland

Receiving compassionate, high-quality care towards the end of life, whether at home or in a facility, is a basic human right and part of human dignity that we all deserve. Every year, hospice doctors, nurses, chaplains, and volunteers provide care to 1.65 million Americans and their families, and the number is growing.
In the greater Chicago area, AMITA Health delivers compassionate and thoughtful hospice care in various counties. We treat our patients’ and families’ faith, dignity, rights, and individuality with the utmost care, and we strive to make their final days as comfortable and meaningful as possible. In good times and bad,

Chicago’s Trusted Hospice Care

Patients in the Chicago region can receive compassionate end-of-life care from Oasis Hospice. Individuals with a life-limiting condition get hospice care, which focuses on symptom control and improving quality of life.
A competent team of nurses, therapists, social workers, pastors, and volunteers work together to bring serenity and comfort to patients who are nearing the end of their lives during hospice care. Hospice care includes pain management, chaplain services, counselling, and medical equipment management. You or a loved one can spend those final days, weeks, or months in a familiar setting, surrounded by love and support, thanks to physician-directed care tailored to each patient’s particular requirements and preferences.

What We Offer

Oasis Hospice develops an individualized care plan for each patient. We can assist with the following services in the Chicago area:

  • Medical equipment & supplies
  • Related medications
  • Pain management and symptom control
  • Physician directed services
  • Nursing care
  • Chaplain services
  • Social work and counseling services
  • Volunteer support
  • Bereavement support
  • Other therapies as needed

We also provide a variety of other services. You can view our whole online brochure here.

Chicago’s Hospice Care Team

A hospice care team is made up of a variety of people who are all committed to preserving a patient’s quality of life and making them comfortable during their final days, weeks, or months. To coordinate care, the Oasis Hospice Chicago staff collaborates with the primary care physician. The following are some of the most common members of a hospice care team:


The hospice director works with the patient’s doctor to arrange care and oversees the entire hospice team to ensure that the patient receives all of the essential medical, emotional, and spiritual assistance.


From ensuring that the patient takes prescribed pain medicine to setting up medical equipment and obtaining daily temperature or blood pressure readings, hospice nurses monitor, assess, and manage the patient’s daily medical needs. These nurses also assist family members in better understanding how to care for hospice patients.


Hospice aides assist hospice patients with washing, grooming, dressing, and other day-to-day personal needs while also giving companionship to those in the hospice programme.


  • The social workers on your hospice care team can assist you in obtaining information about local programmes and completing documentation pertaining to financial, legal, or practical concerns.


Patients in hospice benefit from the additional companionship and emotional support provided by volunteers who collaborate with their families and hospice professionals. Participants in music or art therapy, as well as kind, sympathetic visitors who stop in to play a game of cards or read a book to the patient, can all contribute to the success of the programme.


Chaplains and clergy people visit hospice patients to assist them in meeting their spiritual needs and to talk with them about their religious beliefs regarding the end of life.


Counselors meet with family members when a hospice patient passes away to assist them in navigating the grieving process. Funeral services are available for up to 13 months following the patient’s death.

End-of-Life Care

Care and compassion when families need it most

It can be very tough and traumatic for loved ones to spend their final days at home. Oasis Hospice is available to assist you.
We give families the tools and resources they need to make the most of their time together. More than just in-home care is provided by Oasis Hospice. During particularly emotional times, our carefully trained caregivers provide compassion, moral support, and assistance around the house.
Oasis Hospice delivers a level of care that preserves a loved one’s dignity while still providing a quality of life that can only be found at home. We’re also here to support family and friends who are dealing with the emotional strains and extra time commitment.

We will aid with the care of your loved one, as well as around the house, and provide emotional and moral support to the family. The end of one’s life is a difficult moment for everyone involved, but Oasis Hospice’s services can help.

Respite care for families and caregivers

We understand that caring for a loved one who is nearing the end of life can be emotionally and physically draining, particularly for the primary caregiver and family members. Our caregivers can provide caregivers with respite care or short reprieve. To minimise burnout or irritation, this gives you time to recharge, go to work, run errands, or simply take a much-needed break.
Respite care is available at home or in a care institution such as a nursing home, hospital, or senior centre. Our respite services may include the following:

  • Light housekeeping, such as laundry and cleaning
  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation
  • Errands, including picking up medication
  • Companionship for conversation, social support, and simply someone to talk to

Supporting families every step of the way

Oasis Hospice has earned a reputation for offering high-quality care and empathetic assistance to families for more than two decades. We aim to assist family members in making the most of their time with a loved one while also easing the everyday stress of extended care so they may focus on their own life.
For each client, family, and scenario, Oasis Hospice develops a unique care plan. We communicate with family members, hospice providers, and other care providers on a regular basis, tailoring care and services to the client’s evolving needs.
If families require assistance after a loved one has died, we can continue to assist them in dealing with the grief and many of the chores that will be required of them. From personal item consolidation and organisation to relocating belongings or simply being there for the family to talk to, we are here to help ease the burdens that a family may be through.

Compassionate, Caring Hospice Assistance

Our mission is to aid and comfort your loved one, as well as to assist families in making the most of their limited time together. We provide companionship and personal care in addition to respite care, including:

  • Bathing and toileting assistance
  • Assistance with activities of daily living, including dressing and grooming
  • Light house cleaning, including laundry as needed
  • Meal preparation and mealtime together
  • Companionship to your loved one so you can get a much-needed break

We teach our caregivers to be compassionate while yet remaining professional, providing reassuring confidence during the numerous ups and downs that occur with dying.
Please get in touch with us to learn more about how our philosophy and flexible care plans might benefit you and your family.

Contact Oasis Hospice for Support

Patients with any illness, as well as their families, can benefit needs greatly from Oasis Hospice. Call one of our sites or send us an email to learn more about our supportive hospice care services.