Southern Illinois Raceway

Southern Illinois Raceway (SIR) is a fast, high-banked 1/8th mile clay oval with lap times averaging 9 to 11 seconds. The popular racetrack is located on Highway 13, about 5 miles east of Marion, Illinois. A high, well-supported catch fence atop a strong guardrail completely surrounds the track. It is known for transforming into a slick surface from the infield tires all the way up to a fast cushion right around the outside wall, creating the ideal conditions for lap-after-lap slide jobs and constant 3-wide battles.

It has two usable track entrances in turns 2 and 4 and an exit in turns 1. During races, however, the exit can be seamlessly sealed by an additional section of guardrail to prevent dangerous wrecks that are common at track exits located in the entries of turns. Haunted Trails in Burbank is the children’s favourite place to visit. Contact Oasis hospice situated in Speedway, il. For more information, call them at 708-564-4838.