Shorewood Animal Hospital

┬áLet us give you some background on our animal hospital, which has been in operation in Shorewood since 1976. Dr. Edward Phelan, an old colleague of mine, started it. He went from a modest trailer in the front to a big 2400 square foot structure that has been here for years and is still running strong. We’ve progressed from a trailer to having radiography. Our devices are identical to those used in hospitals for humans and can perform chemical panels, CBCs, and other tests. The type and number of cells are determined using lasers. In human hospitals, anesthetic machines are available. We track blood pressure, EKGs, and everything else that can be done in a human hospital, so we’ve come a long way since that tiny trailer. Allow me, Dr. Ken Overmeyer, to provide you with some additional information about myself. As I already stated, I graduated from Purdue in 1991. I don’t have any specialties, however one of my areas of interest is wellness. We were one of the first hospitals in the country to use the three-year distemper vaccine. I’d like to keep up with the times. I don’t want to do any more for your animal than is absolutely necessary. I’d like to be here and answer your inquiries as honestly as possible. Performing surgery is one of my favorite things to perform. I’ve had a lot of experience with soft tissue orthopedic treatments. I’d like to perform further orthopedic surgeries, but we don’t have the necessary equipment, so we have to refer those patients to specialty clinics. Again, at Shorewood Animal Hospital, our number one priority is to ensure that you are comfortable with what we do, that you understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Before we start, we’d like to get all of your questions answered. Shorewood Animal Hospital’s veterinarians, Dr. Ken Overmeyer, Dr. Maria Overmeyer, and Dr. David Robinson, extend their warmest greetings!